Prouddaddy Consulting

Crystal Chenoweth is an experienced software designer with expertise in database development, crystal reports, agile development and LAMP.

About Prouddaddy Consulting

Prouddaddy Consulting was founded in 2002 by Kendall Chenoweth. Kendall developed on LAMP websites while taking care of his infant daughter. In 2006, the development work was transitioned to Crystal Chenoweth. Crystal has a degree in Computer Science from Wellesley College and over 10 years of experience as a software developer. While Prouddaddy started out developing LAMP websites, we now offer database reporting and automation using MS Excel and MS Access as well as LAMP development.

About Crystal Chenoweth

Crystal is currently focusing on developing reporting, office automation and databases for a client in the Boston Metrowest and Worcester areas. She works with clients onsite in the mornings and continues to work offsite as required.

Crystal will automate your manual work efforts:

Crystal can develop a solution that will improve your productivity. She will work hard to understands your needs and will develope a solution at very competitive price.