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Polarity Pathways

Dear Friends - 01/30/2015

We're rebuilding our web site. More information will soon be available. For immediate inquiries please contact us directly or click here for information about Dialogue Calls or here for a description of our 4-week Telecourse.

Sincerely Yours,
Debra and Sam

Change Your Paradigm, Change the World….No Kidding

Polarity Pathways is a paradigm busting approach for negotiating life, business, and global challenges of every imaginable dimension. It offers a fresh new perspective on "whole systems thinking" with a powerful framework and practical tools to support this exciting journey.

We offer workshops, seminars, conference keynotes, leadership programs, and retreats.

We also offer online dialogue calls, teleclasses and seminars. If you and your colleagues or oganization are spread around the country or the world, consider an online option to learn how to release the creative power of Wholeness.


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Talk with other members of the group about polarities you encounter in your life and business, and enjoy engaging with everyone working towards the magic of wholeness!